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  • Uplink Bandwidth

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What is Titan?

Titan Network, a resource platform based on Filecoin and IPFS protocol, provides decentralized shared CDN acceleration service for Web 3.0. By adopting edge technology, Titan utilizes the idle uplink bandwidth, storage and computing resources in thousands of households to build a large-scale edge cloud computing network.

Everyone can contribute to the Titan Network by running the edge nodes and installing the sharing client to transform idle resources into valuable shared services. Business clients can also access Titan Network through SDK/API provided by Titan and get low-cost, secure and stable edge computing services based on customized requirements.

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Why Titan?

We provide a decentralized shared CDN service platform with low-cost, secure, stable, convenient, transparent, and immutable.

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    Titan adopts the P2P architecture, making the network more decentralized. Without a single central node managing and controlling the data flow, the attacker can hardly locate and attack the critical nodes, ensuring faster, safer and more reliable data transmission.

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    Distributed Storage

    Each file is split into multiple blocks and stored on different nodes. Titan improves data security and guarantees file integrity and availability.

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    Privacy Protection

    Adopt advanced privacy protection technology, effectively protect the user’s personal privacy and data security & prevent data breaches and misuse.

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    Low Cost

    Leverage users’ idle uplink bandwidth and storage resources for content distribution, saving significant costs.

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    High Availability

    Adopt P2P architecture and obtain data from multiple sources. Improve data availability and reduce the single point of failure risk.

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    When one node fails or is attacked, other nodes can automatically detect and replace its work, thus greatly improving the reliability and security of the system.

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    High-speed Transmission

    Nodes of Titan are throughout thousands of households and can reach end consumers, effectively solving the network congestion & ensuring high transmission speed and low access latency.

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    Energy Conservation

    Edge technology is used to efficiently utilize idle resources in households, avoiding long-distance data transmission and reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and resource waste.

Recommended Configuration

  • icon-CPU


    Quad-core & above

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    4GB & above

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    Uplink Bandwidth

    20M & above

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    200G & above
    (SSD is preferred, HDD is also available)

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    Public IP address

    (Relatively fixed)

Support Multi-device Types

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    Personal Computer

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    Raspberry Pi

  • icon

    Mobile Phone

    (Under construction)


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Building sustainable storage + DCDN application: Titan Storage

Open source Titan SDK-Go code library to simplify client access

Launch the first round of private financing activities, clarify the use of funds and goals

Establish a feedback mechanism to collect opinions and suggestions from users and developers

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